Free Practice got P7, which was 0.5 off of P1. We changed the gearing in the hope this would give us 0.4 sec for qualifying. Qualifying saw me earn P5, which we were very happy with, and looked forward to the two upcoming races. Had an awesome debut coming away with 5th in the first race, led the second race for a couple of laps but needed to dig deep for the second earning met a well-earned 4th place finish.

After arriving at the track Thursday we set up in paddock, and then cycled the track for a while.
Friday free practice I was 8th fastest, and quite pleased with this. We changed the gearing, and the suspension set up for Saturday’s qualifying, seeing me P16 on grid.
Race 1 was wet and it was my first time on wet tires on a big bike. I got a great start and made it to 4th place on lap 7 but the track started to dry, and I had a few front end slides so decided to pick up points, and finished 8th rather than end up possibly crashing! Race 2 was dry giving me with P16 on grid. Had a bad start but managed to get to 9th on lap 6 out of 15, then got caught by big group. Ended the race in P19 after banging with other riders which pushed me off track. If I’m honest I’m disappointed with my performance in the race, and annoyed at myself for not getting better results for the team. I learned a lot from this weekends racing, and will be training and working even harder before Round 3

Had an awesome weekend, and came away very happy with the results we achieved.
Fridays free practice I was down in 33rd, as experienced some issues with the bike. Qualifying saw me with a P22 and managed to finish P14 race 1, just inside the points. It’s a shame the 2nd race was canceled due to rain as I was looking forward to starting from 13th on the grid, due my lap time from race 1. Sunday we had 2 races finishing with a P10 and P12.

What an Awesome weekend at Snetterton Raceway. I had the disadvantage of never experiencing this track before. I got out there for FP1 and absolutely loved learning this track. The day after free practice I got out on the race track for the second time, qualifying in position P19 for the race later that day. My bike was absolutely amazing, it was the fastest one out there in multiple sectors of the track. This was all thanks to MSS Performance Ltd. I raced later that day and battled to get myself in the top 10, I did manage to get into P8 but unfortunately dropped back to P13. My dad made a few minor changes to the bike for the last race of the weekend. I started P17 on the grid due to my times, I fought hard to get ahead of multiple riders, and was fighting for P11, and finishing with a P13. Although it wasn’t the top 10 that I really had hoped to be in, I was proud of how hard I fought. Not only did I beat the lap record from last year, I improved my PB by 4 seconds!

Awesome track, so much grip which actually chewed up my rear tyre in free practice! I was sitting 11th fastest. Qualifying was not the best qualifying to date, which put me P22 on grid. There was nothing wrong with the bike it was simply me. Going into race 1 I felt aggressive, and had a Lightning start putting me 17th into the first turn. This race I managed to finish in P11 which I was very happy with! Unfortunately race 2 got cancelled due to track, and weather conditions.

Began with a wet practice on Friday, and unfortunately I lost the front at the chicane, came off lightly with only handlebar, and foot peg damage! In the afternoon I went out for qualifying which put me at P17 for race 1.
Saturday and the track was dry. Race 1 I finished P14, I was in P12 last lap but then ran wide dropping me back 2 positions. Race 2 I went out feeling more determined to get better results. Had a good start off the line and battled my way through up into P7. On my last lap unfortunately I had a small mechanical issue, which pushed me back into P13. Race 3 on Sunday I made it onto front row P3! This was such a great feeling to start on front row, which followed with a flying start off the line, and ending with P8 finish. I would have liked a better result but all in all happy with my performance with my weekends racing. On the upside of this weekends racing I achieved my PB of 1:52.95 with only another 2 riders who were also in the 52’s! I am always learning and absorbing everything I can to make me a faster, stronger competitor. The bike ran awesome so massive thanks to Nick Morgan, MSS Performance Ltd.

Free Practice was mixed weather conditions. Going into Qualifying I was feeling good and qualified P8, 3rd row on grid. We had 3 races this weekend due to a race being carried over from Thruxton. I felt confident, and happy all weekend qualifying 8th on a 40 rider packed grid!
The racing was very close with some hard moves, and a few elbows 😁.
I had some great battles which ended with a very positive weekends racing. My three races saw me with P9, P8 and P7, and has now moved my overall position in the championship from 10th to 9th. As always I couldn’t achieve, and do what I do without the help of my sponsors, friends & family.

I’d like to start and say thank you to all the friends and family for coming out and supporting me this weekend.
Qualified 14th on Friday, which wasn’t the best qualifying I’ve ever had but I knew I could work from that in race 1.
Saturday Race 1 – Finished 13th I was struggling with the gearing as it was my first time racing at Brands Hatch.
Sunday Race 2 – This race unfortunately did not go to plan. I started P16 and got a flying start into the second turn but then caught the back tire of another rider, which sent me over the handle bars 😳 and lucky for me I was ok. This was not the way I wanted to finish the last round of the BSB season.
I’m happy with my overall performance as I finished 10th in the Championship, with a best result of 4th at Silverstone. I have learnt so much, and will take this into my winter training schedule. Now looking forward to heading back home to Canada.
I’d like to thank all my sponsors that have made it all possible for me to race in the UK this season