May 2, 2021
In Junior Cup, Jack Roach’s first event in Westby Racing colors netted him a fourth-row starting position and an eighth-place finish in Saturday’s race. The results were certainly not what Jack had hoped for, and he is determined to get a higher finish in Sunday’s race two.

“My race was not what I wanted,” Jack said. “But I scored points, which was the main goal. Starting from 11th on the grid was not ideal, but I made it work to the best of my ability. For race two, I’m really nervous and excited, but I know that I’ve got the pace to contend for the podium.”

Westby Racing’s Junior Cup rider Jack Roach, who finished eighth in Saturday’s race one, unfortunately followed up that result with an unlucky 13th on Sunday. He’ll regroup, keep training hard, and come back strong for round two of the 2021 season.

Jack commented, “This weekend was one to forget. The team got a lot of information from the bike, and so did I. I feel like my results didn’t show how hard I was riding. I know that I was the fastest kid in the corners thanks to the brilliant handling of the Westby Racing

Yamaha Racing YZF-R3. Thank you to the N2 Racing crew. They’ve been a massive help to us, and I can’t wait for VIR because the track suits the R3 really well.”


May 19, 2021

For Jack, VIR presents a new challenge. He has never before raced at the venue, and his only experience there was gained during a track day earlier this year in what turned out to be wet conditions. But the young Brit, who now lives in Canada and races here in America, is used to new experiences, and he goes into Virginia with his usual level of gusto and enthusiasm.

 Jack commented, “Following what was a very tough first round at Road Atlanta, I am as hungry as ever for results. I’ve just got to transfer that hunger into speed on the track, which I know I can do. I have no excuses now because (Westby Racing team manager) Chuck Giacchetto has dedicated a lot of his time to the Yamaha R3, and I’m very grateful for that. VIR is a track that I don’t have a lot of experience at, but my plan is to take it corner by corner, lap after lap, and session by session. I’m super-excited, and I can’t wait for the race weekend to begin.”

May 22/23, 2021

In Saturday’s Junior Cup race, Jack Roach started from the front row after going third-fastest in final qualifying earlier in the day, but unfortunately, his bike developed a technical issue in the race, which forced him to retire on lap 8 of the 12-lap event.

“It was not the race we wanted,” Jack said. “But I’m starting on the front row in P3 again tomorrow, so that will be a big advantage and, for sure, you’ll definitely see me up front. Thank you to Shiloh (Salopek) and the whole N2 Racing team for working hard to get my bike race-ready for tomorrow. I can’t wait for race two.”

Westby Racing’s Junior Cup rider Jack Roach’s weekend at VIR went from bad on Saturday to worse on Sunday. After not being able to finish race one due to a technical issue, he crashed out of race two on lap 4 while in heavy traffic. 

Jack said, “This round was full of ups and downs, and as it turned out, the best part was qualifying P3 and maintaining consistent speed throughout the weekend. I wanted to get two really good race results but, unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. Two DNF’s obviously don’t show my potential. I can’t thank Chuck (Giacchetto) from Westby Racing and Shiloh (Salopek) from N2 Racing enough for all their support. Road America is my favorite track, so I can’t wait for the next round to begin.”


June 9, 2021

For Jack, qualifying third at VIR was encouraging. He knows that he’s got the bike and the team to achieve the results he is expecting. It’s a matter of putting everything together, getting good race starts, and using the draft to his advantage. Last year, while racing for a different team and aboard a different manufacturer’s motorcycle in his first-ever race weekend at Road America, Jack finished 11th and 7th in the two Junior Cup races. He’s determined to do even better this year now that he’s aboard the Westby Racing Yamaha YZF-R3.

Jack commented, “Coming off the back of a very unlucky round in Virginia, I’m hungry to get a good result not only for me but for my team. They’ve been working hard and so have I. We just need it to come together. There’s nothing wrong with the speed of the bike, as it showed its podium potential in qualifying at VIR. I can’t wait for Friday.”

In Saturday’s Junior Cup race, Jack started from the inside of the third row, but he quickly got swallowed up by the pack, which moved him further back. He stabilized his situation and remained in 13th place for five of the seven laps in the race, but he lost another position as the race neared its conclusion, and he had to settle for 14th at the checkered flag.


June, 2021

Ridge Motorsports Park is the closest racetrack to Jack’s home in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, which is just outside Vancouver and about 200 miles from Ridge. He finished seventh in both Junior Cup races last year at Ridge, and he will be looking to improve on those results when he races in front of friends and family this weekend.

“This is my home track,” Jack said. “Or at least it’s the MotoAmerica track that’s located closest to my home. So, I want to do well in front of my friends and family who will be coming down from Canada to see me race. I like Ridge a lot, and I’m looking to put together two race finishes much closer to the front this weekend. Inside the top five in both races is my goal. I’ve been knocked down a lot this season, but my tenacity and want for success drives me to keep getting back up. I will never stop fighting because that’s what it takes to be a part of Westby Racing, and I’m willing to go above and beyond to get a good result.”

In Saturday’s Junior Cup race, Jack started from the inside of the fourth row, which is pretty much mid-pack, and he knew he would have to work hard, especially in the oppressive heat, to move further up in the field. He managed his way into ninth position in the early going, but as the laps started to wind down, he started to lose positions and ultimately finished the 11-lap race in 12th place.

“That was not the race I wanted,” Jack said. “I felt like I was pushing hard, but I wasn’t really capitalizing on the bike’s strengths. I’m not a rider to blame the bike, so I will be doing a lot of work on line choice and race strategy with my crew chief Shiloh (Salopek). She helps with everything, and without her, I would be lost. So, a big thank you to Shiloh for seeing my potential and working with me and as hard as possible. Also, a huge thanks to Westby Racing and Chuck Giacchetto for their support and for continuing to believe in me.”

Westby Racing’s Junior Cup rider Jack Roach’s weekend at the racetrack closest to his home in British Columbia, Canada, did not go quite as well as he had hoped, but on the bright side, his Sunday result was an improvement on Saturday. After finishing 12th in Saturday’s race, he moved up three positions to finish 9th and inside the top 10 on Sunday. In addition, Jack’s results at Ridge moved him up three positions in the 2021 MotoAmerica Junior Cup Championship. 


July, 2021

In Saturday’s Junior Cup race, Jack started from the middle of the third row in eighth, and he moved up to seventh on lap three where he maintained his position until lap six. He dropped back to eighth again on lap seven, but on lap 10, he moved back up to seventh, then kept making forward progress and moved into sixth on lap 11, which he maintained for the remainder of the 13-lap race. More importantly, Jack was in a fierce battle for the podium with a group of several riders.

“It was a good race,” Jack said. “I was happy to be in the battle for the podium, and I also had the fourth-fastest lap time of the race. So, overall, I feel good about today and am looking forward to improving more tomorrow.”

Westby Racing’s Junior Cup rider Jack Roach had a solid weekend aboard his Yamaha YZF-R3. He followed up his sixth-place finish in Saturday’s race one with another sixth-place finish in Sunday’s race two. In both races, Jack was in a group of riders who were competing for the podium. Also, on the strength of his two sixth-place results over the weekend, he moved up to 11th in the championship point standings.


July, 2021

Jack has been putting in the extra laps to prepare for Brainerd’s high-speed circuit, and that includes working with his personal riding coach to hone his racecraft and perfect his cornering speed.

 “I’m very excited to race at Brainerd this weekend,” Jack said. “I’m looking to be fast straight out of the gate and keep the momentum rolling throughout the weekend. Also, I’ve been to this track before, so I think I’ll have a bit of an advantage over most of the other riders. I’ve been training hard for this round, and a special thank you goes to my riding coach Michael Carder for helping me prepare for this round.”

In Saturday’s Junior Cup race, Jack started from the inside of the third row in seventh, and he moved up to sixth on the opening lap. He dropped back to seventh again on lap two, and then, he was shuffled back to eighth on lap four where he battled among a large group of riders. As a result, he was unable to improve his position for the remainder of the 11-lap race. Westby Racing’s Junior Cup rider Jack Roach had a learning weekend aboard his Yamaha YZF-R3. He followed up his eighth-place finish in Saturday’s race one with an 11th in Sunday’s race two. Even though the results were not what Jack was hoping for, on the bright side, he did move into the top 10 in the championship points standings.


Jack’s 2021 Junior Cup season has been a trying one for the young Brit, but just like his mentor Mathew, he is equally determined to perform his best this weekend at Pitt Race. He’ll approach the weekend one step at a time, striving for fast lap times in practice and qualifying, and then applying his racecraft in both races to finish strong.

“Pitt Race is one of my favorite tracks,” Jack said. “And I think the weather conditions may come into effect. You could call me a wet-weather specialist from my background in the British Superbike Series, so I think this round will be very interesting.

“Also, I want to give a shout out to Chuck (Giacchetto) for giving me his support throughout this season. Without him, none of this would be possible.” 

In Saturday’s Junior Cup race, Jack started from the inside of the third row in seventh and moved up to sixth on the opening lap. He dropped back to seventh again on lap two, but then, he put himself back into sixth for most of the remaining laps. Unfortunately, on the final run to the checkered flag, he lost one position and ended the 11-lap race back in seventh place where he started


For Westby Racing’s Junior Cup rider Jack Roach, the young Brit has had a season in which he has learned a lot about racing among close-knit packs of riders, using the draft to his advantage whenever possible, and maintaining corner speed. His learning will continue this weekend at NJMP’s 12-turn, 2.25-mile Thunderbolt Raceway.

“I’m excited to get back to racing again this weekend,” said Jack. “I want to thank Chuck (Giacchetto) and the whole Westby Racing/N2 Racing team for putting my bike back together. I love racing at NJMP, and I can’t wait to see all the fans out there, too.”


Birmingham, AL – September 18, 2021 – Westby Racing’s Junior Cup rider withstood the prodigious rains on Saturday at Barber Motorsports to finish fifth, which was his best result of the season with one more race left to run.

Starting in ninth on the grid, Jack got a good jump off the line and was in sixth place at the end of the opening lap. From there, he focused on being smooth in the wet conditions, and it paid off since he was able to move up to fifth on lap three of the seven-lap event. Jack tenaciously held onto his top-five position and maintained it all the way to the checkered flag.

“It was a stressful race,” Jack said. “Especially after watching my teammate Mathew (Scholtz) in the Superbike race, which was just before our race. I knew that, if I just stayed smooth, I could get a good result. I didn’t have the setup that I was happy with, but we have changed the bike for tomorrow so, hopefully, that will give me the confidence in race two.”

Sunday’s Junior Cup race two is at 1 p.m. CT and will be streamed on MotoAmerica Live+. Both Saturday’s and Sunday’s race one and race will be broadcast via tape delay on FOX Sports 2 (FS2) on Tuesday, September 21 beginning at 4 p.m. ET.



Fp1 success everything felt new but we’re building can’t wait for qualifying!

Race:: P4 started P15 due to mechanical issues with the bike in qualifying. But we managed to fight are way up there. Fought my way from 15th to 4th. On to the next one ☝️

Well a up and down weekend at Donington Park.
FP1: Was wet and had freezing temperatures I went out looking to build throughout the session but unfortunately I high sided at starkeys bridge the flat out 5th gear left hander.
Qualifying: Was a unlucky only to get 5 laps in ended up P13.
Race 1: Rain rain and more rain it was like a ice rink out there but I managed to battle my way up to 5th place.
Race 2: It was looking to be a dry race but 40 mins before I was supposed to go out it started to pour down with rain I started P8 then was in the battle for 5th but then I had big moment coming out of craners which is one of the fastest turns at Donington and i tried to make the next turn but eventually ran off into the grass and gravel and cost me a lot of ground but I managed to get going again and finished p13.
Thank you to all the people that make this possible!


Well what a last 3 rounds this has been.
A lot of good memories were made and I’d like to thank @realleonhaslam and @affinity_sports_academy for having me onboard and nick from @mssperformance for helping me out and letting me join there side of the garage.
For these last 3 rounds I got a couple top fives which put me 16th in the championship 🤟🤟🤟
Can’t wait for what next year has in store for us 💯